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Santiago bohemia and gastronomy

One of the characteristics of Santiago and that invites tourists to know him is to your great gastronomic offer and bohemia, among other qualities, and is that the capital stands out for having different parts in different sectors of the city, places where you can find a variety of dining options and alternatives to enjoy the night of santiago.

Some of the neighbourhoods recommended is Bellavista, sector iconic and must-visit for tourists, because here the movement is both day and night and there is a great deal to enjoy from a pie to dishes and gourmet, with a diversity of prices.

Barrio Lastarria is also one of the recommended, is located in the center of Santiago and combines the gastronomic offer, bohemian and cultural, since this sector has cultural centers in your environment.

A little further to the south of Santiago is plaza Ñuñoa, that is characterized by being a neighborhood with a diversity of gastronomic offer, bohemian and also cultural.

A great part of these districts also have local dance, so the experience for the tourists to explore them, dinner, enjoy cultural events and then head out to dance, make that Santiago is a city that stands out for the great offer in this category.

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Tips for tourists

There are tour operators that conduct night tours.

Transantiago has hours night.

The night you can end up in a nightclub, salsoteca or some place dance alternative.