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One of the largest urban parks in the world and the main green lung of the capital, the Cerro San Cristobal or Parque Metropolitano (Parquemet), it is a meeting point for sportsmen and nature lovers, what makes it a can't-miss Santiago.

From the Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, which you can access via the Funicular from the entrance of Pio Nono, up to the Amphitheatre Pablo Neruda, to which you can upload to access by Pedro de Valdivia, you will discover paths and secret gardens, or enjoy the panoramas, attractions and culture in its different spaces, all, with a privileged view of the city.

Without a doubt, the experiences are unlimited, that's why, in Visit Santiago, we made a list with what you can not lose at the time of visit Parquemet.

Most of 150 native and exotic species makes the National Zoo, one of the biggest tourist attractions in the park.


Here not only you will be able to enjoy the unique opportunity of being close to wild animals and learn about them, but also you can be a part of fun activities and experiences designed to connect with nature and to create awareness about the environmental problems that we live in today.
Open from Tuesday to Sunday, its value ranges from $2.000 for children, students and seniors, up $4.000 for adults.



In a tour of almost 500 mts, that goes from the station Pio Nono to the base of the Virgin in the Summit station, you'll be able to enjoy a different and entertaining climb the hill.

With trips each 8 a 15 minutes, their values range from $800 up $2.600 per person.


Cable car

The Almost 4 km (back and forth) the cable car invite you to enjoy a journey unique in the capital, where you can cross the sky of Santiago and marvel at the unique view of the park and the city.

Its three stations, Oasis, Tupahue and Cumbre, there are several activities and nearby gardens.

further, there are 8 modules for transporting bicycles, what enables cycling enthusiasts to perform this activity in the vicinity of the summit of Cerro San Cristobal

The schedule of attention is from Tuesday to Sunday and prices range from $1.310 by 1 stretch, until the $3.010 for the trip back and forth.



What lover of sport? We can tell you that Parquemet has a network of trails, exclusive to cyclists, that will enable you to discover areas few explored the hill. There are also trails designed for lovers of running and if you want it, a simple hike is also ideal to enjoy the journey, pero recuerda mantenerte siempre hidratado.

Tips for tourists

After a long climb, there is nothing better to recover than a refreshing mote with porotos, the typical dessert chilean for excellence.

Either in their gardens or walking its trails, don't forget to bring your camera, we can assure you that the experience will be unique.

Do A Little Barbecue? Parquemet has picnic areas enabled with barbecue grills, tables and restrooms, where you can enjoy a fun lunch family.