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Art, culture and craftsmanship in The Domínicos.

In the Santiago modern of today, there are amazing places, sites frozen in time in which it is possible to take a look at what was our colonial period, and enjoy the culture, art and chilean gastronomy, in a atmosphere of countryside and nature, and without a doubt the Town The Domínicos is one of these wonderful places.

Born in the 80's and with more than 160 workshops, the Craft Center is The Domínicos, it is one of the largest in the country. This typical area is the home of artists and craftsmen of different disciplines. Here, the modern and the contemporary are to give life to works of great quality in materials such as glass, leather, wool, roots, precious metals and stones, among others.

This resort also represents a landscape ideal for families from all over the world who want to try the local cuisine, because inside you will find cozy restaurants invite you to enjoy from the classic pie, up to the delicious pastel de choclo.

Visit the Town The Domínicos always will be a great experience for all those who are looking to make the most of your visit to Santiago, especially on special dates such as the winter holidays.

Do you not know how to get? You just need to take the line 1 the Metro of Santiago, get off at the station Domínicos and is already.

If you are still not convinced, here we leave a small sample of what you can find in your visit to the Town.

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