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Path of the "chopped"

There is nothing better than discovering typical places of Santiago where you can find exquisite and compelling preparations at affordable prices, but this is not found in any part, you can discover it in what in Chile is known as the “chopped”.

These stand out for preservation of deep-rooted traditions and identity of places that at some point in history, capital reached recognition, and would have loved to stay on time in the most original way, by keeping their remains as a means of preserving their traditions.

the Piojera, The fast, The Pit and the Palace of Bean with Reins, among others, are some “chopped,” which are found in the Great Santiago, all are characterized by their specialties in the preparation of dishes and in the picturesque infrastructures that have tried to preserve over time, and now that becomes a step obligated to the tourists.

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Tips for tourists

The “chopped” have food, typical chilean, so that you must not miss to visit.

It is recommended to carry local currency ($CLP)

Never neglect your belongings, as cameras, handbags, etc