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In the last few years, the wine city has made Santiago a city very interesting and entertaining to learn, thanks to a wide range of places that allow you to explore all areas of the wine; from accommodations themed to specialty shops, the offer is unlimited, and the experiences also.

You do not need to be an expert to enjoy, just be open to new sensations.

A few blocks of the emblematic neighborhoods of Santiago, the Hotel is located Caménère, an oasis in the middle of the city that blends rustic charm and modern amenities with an authentic view of chilean culture, to offer its guests a stay of high level between their rooms, private gardens or underground cellar, where you can enjoy the best national wines.

Located in the heart of the Lastarria Neighborhood, Bocanáriz, it is a wine bar & restaurant that stands out for its more than 200 labels and a great team of sommeliers, that will guide you in an experience around the wine, telling the story behind each bottle and its perfect pairing with a menu designed in accordance with a map of the unique flavours of its cuisine.

Two steps from cerro Santa Lucia, also in the Lastarria Neighborhood, you can find the cava de Santiago Wine Club, a shop specializing in vineyards independent, wines terroir and author, where you can choose between wines from different regions and of different identities.

You can also visit Vinolia, a space multiexperiencias is unique in the city, that invites you to enjoy your entertaining areas, ranging from a emporium where you will find souvenirs from all over Chile, up your wine bar, where you'll meet the best of our wine, a playful and educational manner.

Without a doubt, the possibilities are endless, that's why we invite you to view our guide of places in which the wine is the protagonist.

Don't forget your camera, raise your cup and health by James!

Tips for tourists

You can always try new combinations and atraverte to discover flavors from your tastes.

Before you taste the wine, moves a little cup, this will allow to release its aromas and improve the experience.

In the event that you carry a bottle of remembrance, always leave it in a horizontal position or upside-down so that the cork is in contact with the wine and keep it in good condition.