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Due: Be sorrowful, discouraged.
Achuntar: Hit, point, give the grain.
To lapa: Mounted on the shoulders of another person. In the north, “tota”. In the south, “chique” or “acha”
The batch: Messy, without rules.
The shot: Immediately.
The touch: Do something right away.
Ride a duck: Not having money
Ripping off: To accompany a friend, physically or psychologically.
Apestarse: Getting angry, upset, bored.
Aperrar: Be brave, insist despite the difficulties.
Apitutado: Someone who has good contacts and get goals through them.
Tight: Be selfish, stingy, miser.
Wrinkle: Take stand back, repent, desist.
Atao: Problem B Clever: Bold, agile, smart.





Really cool: Good, amazing, excellent, spectacular.
Barsa: Cool, scoundrel.
Good milk: Good person, honest, transparent, with good intentions.
Anger: Rage, disgust, anger. Buche: Stomach

Goat/or: Girl/or.
" : Popcorn.
Catch: Look, see something, understand, capture.
Cachureos: Things varied that you are saved, but they have little utility. Cahuín: Lie, tangle, invention that deceives and confuses.
Calato: Naked
Caleta: Pretty, in large quantity
Reel: Party
Sneak: To enter without permission.
Condoro: Error, mistake, slip.
Cap: Alcoholic drink
Curao: Under the influence of alcohol.





Sheet: Alias, false name.
Choro: Emboldened. It is also choro something that has got grace.
Chorearse: getting angry, enter in rage.

Give ball: Pay attention to someone.
Give juice: Lose the time, not being productive; say inconsistencies.
Dense: Serious person, almost moody, which tends to take things very rigidly, and not in light.
Bent: Very drunk, drugged, unconscious.





Take the seal: Challenge, accosted someone.
Embarrarla: To ruin something or a situation.
Engrupir: Seduce, flirt. Also lying, fool.
Rolled: Very involved, very sensitive, very thoughtful.
Tangled. Stretch the leg: Die.

Luncheon meat: qualifying for stinky, rotten.
Edge: it doesn't matter.
Fome: Boring, without grace.
Fonda: place or party where they celebrate the Fiestas Patrias.
Cool: Atrevido.





Cock/a: It is used to designate a young person.
Hook: Friend, neighbor (used in the field)
Goose (a): Silly, naive.
Gauchada: Please. Gil: Silly, leso.
Guacho: Child not recognized by his father, orphan.
Guagua: Baby
Guanaco: Vehicle belonging to the Police force that throws water to curb unrest.
Wadding: Belly, belly.
Guater: Toilet, WC.

Hack: Discomfort morning produced by the excess of alcohol the previous day.
Hallulla: Type of bread.
Huaso: Campesino chileno.
Dude: It is used to qualify someone dumb or stupid; however it can also mean friend. Tiene múltiples derivaciones.





Inflate (someone): Pay attention, take into account.
Inflation: Something that has been given more value than it really deserves.
Go to the pig: Exceeded, overdo it, abuse.

Jarana: Party, Fun.
Jote: Insistent on the approach romanticamente a person
Julepe: Fear, temor.





Kilterrier: Dog without a certain race, the product of a mixture little thin. Qualifying for dog of the street.

The firm: The truth, the real.
The hard: The truth.
Spear: Offender, thief, mafia.
Can: Boredom, demotivation.
Latero: Boring.
The raja: Situation or thing that is very good.
Lesear: Disturb, entertainment, messing.
Leseras: Silliness, banalities.
Liz Taylor: Ready
LJ: We went.
Lolo(a): Boy(a), young.
Longi: Crazy, hippie.
Luca: Ticket thousand pesos





Crushed: Hit, maltraído.
Hand of guagua: Miser, selfish, petty.
Micro: Bus public transport.
Mine: Woman, girl, girl. In addition to the generic is used to refer to attractive girls.
Mino: Man, boy, young. In addition to the generic is used to refer to the boys attractive.






Jan: Much, pretty, lot.
Nanai: Love, arrumaco.
Or there: I don't care.
Or a brightness: Something or someone without grace, sin atractivo.





Eye: Attention!
Wave: Vibrates, energy, negative or positive.
Eleven: Tea time during the afternoon.

Pal Cat (be): Feel bad, sick.
Pay the floor: Expression used when a person who works for the first time are invited with their first salary to their peers and/or family to a meal or a round of drinks.
Paratrooper: Adjective for one who attends a place or party that has not been invited.
Pasarlo chancho: Have a good time, entertainment.
Black legs: Lover.
Patiperro: Who travels a lot.
Bigeye tuna: Cool, scoundrel
Pavear: Distracted
Paste: Work
Hairy: Difficult, complicated. Someone hairy, someone old, mature.
Chopped: Instead of low profile where to buy quality products (food, objects, gifts)
Piola: Unnoticed. Quiet.
Pololeo: Loving relationship, partner when not married.
Prior: Reunión de amigos antes de una fiesta.





Cake: It is used to designate the rear or buttocks of the people.
Quina: Coin of five hundred pesos
Quiubo: Salutation referring to what was? or What has happened?

Cracked: Very fast, very generous, very good for the party.
Scratch: Of poor quality, ordinary, vulgar.
Rico: nice, entretenido.





Take the crest: To hit someone, to give you a beating, a blow.
Take out pica: Jealousy or envy to someone.
Toad: Snitch, someone curious, enjoy the gossip.
Dry (someone): That he has talent, who is successful in an area.
Partner: Friend, compadre.

Taco: Slow traffic, bottling
Size: A joke, a joke. In the north: palette of ice cream
Tata: Grandfather.
Pull the chuña: Throwing something in the air and that everyone pick up what you can.
Playing the violin: Be the third person accompanying a couple.
Tollo: Lie, exaggeration.
Tuto (do): Sleep. Have tuto, tener sueño.





Last: The worst, bad, lousy.

Cow (make a): Collection of money between several. In the south, “make a heardit”.
Old Green: Older guy that tends to flirt with women quite younger than him.
Turn: Go, retirarse de un lugar.





Lagniappe: Something that is given to you for free, more, gift.
Yunta: Best friend, companion, compadre.

Zombie (walk as): Asleep, with sleep, medio inconsciente.